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MSU instructor's screenplay to be featured at broadcasting society's national convention

January 29, 2020 (Wednesday)
The LGBTQ dramatic screenplay "The Reverend," written by MSU Communication Instructor Jason Hibbs will be featured during the Professional and Alumni Competition presentations at the National Broadcasting Society's Annual Convention in Burbank, California this March.

Hibbs, who is a former television news reporter and newsroom manager, teaches broadcast news and media writing at Mississippi State. He said he is flattered that his first major creative endeavor outside of broadcast journalism was so well received. He hopes to eventually see the screenplay made into a movie, and looks forward to sharing his writing experience with students. He hopes the screenplay and writing process behind the screenplay inspires others.

In "The Reverend," months before his death, a closeted bigoted southern minister is unexpectedly reunited with his childhood friend and crush. The now openly gay friend indirectly forces the minister to confront his own sexuality, mortality, and legacy. Knowing time is running out, the minister suddenly leaves his conservative family and church to experience the life he never had.
This turns an already dysfunctional family on its head. While most family members doubled down on their homophobic ways, one grandchild is emboldened by what happens.