The Communication Department offers minors in each of its five concentration areas. The required number of hours and specific course requirements varies for each concentration minor. For any minor related questions, please contact Haylee Crouch at (662) 325-3779 hcrouch@comm.msstate.edu.

General Information

  • Students may choose more than one minor.
  • Students majoring in Communication may choose additional areas other than their concentration(s) in the department as unofficial minors. 
  • Students majoring in a different department and choosing a minor in Communication should officially declare the minor through the completion of a minor request form.
  • All students choosing any minors in Communication should notify Haylee Crouch at (662) 325-3779 or hcrouch@comm.msstate.edu.
  • All necessary prerequisites must be completed. Prerequisites are listed in the MSU Bulletin.
  • A minimum grade of “C” is required in all courses in the minor(s).
  • Substitutions are typically not allowed. The department head or the appropriate departmental committee must approve any substitutions in advance.

Available Minors

Broadcast and Digital Journalism

*Under Revision. If interested, please contact Kevin Williams at (662) 325-8330 or kwilliams@comm.msstate.edu.

Communication Studies (18 Hours)

CO 1223 – Intro. to Communication Theory
CO 2253 – Fund. of Interpersonal Communication
CO 3833 – Interviewing in Communication
CO 4203 – Nonverbal Communication
CO 4223 – Advanced Communication Theory
CO 4243 – Rhetorical Theory

CO 1403 – Intro. to Mass Media
CO 2413 – Intro. to News Writing and Reporting
CO 3433 – Editing and Design
CO 3423 – Feature Writing
CO 3443 – Advanced News Writing and Reporting
CO 4403 – Journalism Ethics

Public Relations (21 Hours)

CO 2413 Intro to News Writing and Reporting
CO 3803 Principles of Public Relations
CO 3813 Case Problems
CO 3853 Public Relations Writing
CO 3863 PR Production
CO 4803 Research in PR
*CO 4813 PR in Organizations

Theatre (20 Hours)

CO 1503 – Intro. to Theatre
CO 2013 – Voice and Articulation 
CO 2503 – Acting 
CO 2613 – Intro. to Oral Interpretation
CO 2524 – Stagecraft and Lighting
CO 2544 – Makeup and Costuming
CO 3543 – Improvisation
CO 3563 – Voice and Movement
CO 3/4000 – Upper Division Theatre Elective
CO 4504/6504 – History of the Theatre
CO 4524/6524 - Directing
CO 4533/6533 – Advanced Acting
CO 4573/6573 – Theatre Management
CO 4583/6583 - Playwriting

Communication Minor for Geosciences/Broadcast Meteorology (18 hours)

CO 1403 - Intro to Mass Media
CO 2333 - Television Production
CO 2413 - Intro to News Writing and Reporting
CO 3333 - Advanced Television Production
CO 3313 - News Writing for the Electronic Media
CO 4313 - Mass Media Law 
CO 4403 - Mass Media & Society

* Students minoring in PR and Broadcasting should NOT take CO 4813 PR in Organizations and CO 4373 TV Practicum in the same semester.