PRISM team creates Gender Impacts Lab website

The Gender Impacts Lab website was created by Dr. Terri Hernandez and students Marisa Laudadio, Amelia Henson, Leah Worley, and Camille Stevenson. The Gender Impacts Lab (GIL), a research lab located at the Social Science Research Center in Starkville, Mississippi, strives to produce high quality research that promotes global gender equity by addressing issues to close gender and empowerment gaps. Its work focuses on addressing gender inequities by promoting community development and empowering women, men, and youth through hands-on research to improve the lives of families and communities worldwide. The PRISM team was hired to create a sustainable, easy-to-maintain online platform through which our client could share its life-changing research and that could serve as a hub of information for other researchers conducting similar work. The purpose of the campaign was to create a robust website that could be used to share the Gender Impacts Lab’s work and increase awareness of their efforts to promote global gender equality, help obtain funding for future projects, and recruit new research partners.