PRISM team produces CCEL annual publication and social media campaign

The Center for Sommunity-Engagment: 2019 Annual Publication was created by Dr. Terri Hernandez and students Carly Pippin and Charlotte Corr. The Center for Community-Engaged Learning (CCEL) works with Mississippi State University faculty, staff, and students to connect MSU with the Starkville community through research, learning and service. CCEL’s work emphasizes community-engagement and strives to train others in engagement efforts in order to better the surrounding area. CCEL produced annual highlight publications to acknowledge and honor its work and accomplishments. Past highlight publications had not met CCEL’s expectations for design elements, creative content or timeline objectives. As such, CCEL partnered with PRISM to utilize its many resources (e.g., creative skillset) in order to construct its 2019-2020 highlight publication. The purpose of this campaign was to better showcase CCEL’s community-engagement efforts through the creation and completion of a consistent and professional publication that displayed the work and impact of CCEL and its fellows.

The Center for Community-Engaged Learning Social Media Campaign was coordinated by Dr. Terri Hernandez and students Bailey Sennett, Emily Stone, and KaLeigh Walker. The Center for Community-Engaged Learning (CCEL) is a program that creates partnerships between community partners and community-engaged learning classes to incorporate community service into classrooms at MSU. CCEL fellows incorporate community-engaged learning into their classrooms. All professors are allowed to become fellows and all students are allowed to enroll in CEL classes, so social media poses as a great platform to advertise the opportunities available to faculty and students at the university. The problem began in June 2016, when the organization rebranded from the Center for the Advancement of Service-Learning Excellence, or CASLE, to the Center for Community-Engaged Learning, or CCEL. Because of this, many people are not aware of what CCEL is and the organization suffers a lack of brand awareness. As such, CCEL hired the PRISM team to manage and create a social media strategy to establish brand awareness and to increase the awareness CCEL to MSU faculty and students. The purpose of this campaign was to increase awareness of CCEL through social media by featuring community-engagement among the students and faculty of Mississippi State University.