"Pants on Fire" presented by Theatre MSU

September 25, 2023

9:00 am


McComas Hall Theatre

Theatre MSU presents "Pants on Fire"

Pants on Fire, a Theatre For Young Audiences show for schools, from Creede Repertory Theatre in Colorado will kick off our Theatre MSU season. As the audience arrives each day, the kids will be asked to submit ideas of locations, villains, heroes, problems, etc., and the cast will then completely improv the show based on the prompts they receive. They will create scenery and props and costumes in front of the audience and then GO! It doesn't get any more live than this. Every performance will be a completely new experience and a completely new story.

School performances: September 25-29

For school performance reservations, please email Tonya Hays:  Thays@comm.msstate.edu