Josh Foreman and co-author publish "Death Along the Natchez Trace"

Death on the Natchez Trace Book CoverJosh Foreman, an instructor in print & digital journalism, and his co-author, Ryan Starrett, recently published "Death Along the Natchez Trace," a collection of nonfiction stories centered on one of the most important roads in American history: the Natchez Trace.

The Natchez Trace is the "Path of Nations," a 450-mile-long game trail stamped into the earth by primeval bison. Once the domain of the Natchez, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Cherokee tribes, the Trace nurtured these groups, but it was also watered with the blood of tribesmen long before any white man trod on it. European settlers eventually used the path to navigate between the backwoods Cumberland settlements and the cosmopolitan city of Natchez, with Spanish gold clinking in the seams of their clothes and wads of tough jerky turning in their cheeks.

Today, the Natchez Trace stands as one of the prettiest and most history-soaked pathways in the United States. Join authors Starrett and Foreman as they look at the myriad ways people have lived and died along it. Published by the History Press in Charleston, S.C.

To order your copy of the book, visit Lemuria Books.