Student Spotlight
Cameron Mayers

by Zoie Henson, PR Student Intern

Cameron MayersCameron Mayers is a sophomore double-majoring in communication with a concentration in theatre and political science, and he is minoring in marketing. Mayers is incredibly active across campus, participating in Student Association, where he is director of marketing for organizational outreach and the director of social media for the Holmes Cultural Diversity Center, Men of Excellence, The Connector, Pre-law society, Black Student Association, NAACP, College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors, Theatre MSU, Shackhoul’s Honors College, and the Lambda Sigma Honors Society.

Mayers was nominated by his College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador Advisor, Hannah Bateman, who said, “Cameron is passionate about his studies. Outside of MSU, he has some amazing theatre accomplishments on his portfolio. I have only known him since the spring semester, but he was immediately one of those students who sticks out from the crowd.”

Favorite theatre production?
For many different reasons, Anne and Emmett. This production stretched and grew me as a person and an actor, and it made me uncomfortable, forcing me to tap into a different mindset. That experience is always close to my heart, and I will always remember it.

Favorite CO class?
I loved taking the Honors Leadership Forum with Dr. Mark Keenum, our university president. It’s so cool to think that students have the opportunity to learn underneath the president of the university. He teaches us about leadership, life lessons, and invites incredible guests who have impacted the university, state, nation, and world. This class has introduced me to incredible ideas and people, and I’m so grateful for that opportunity.

Reason for choosing communication?
I’ve been acting since age 6. As a kid, I did martial arts, and around this time, the hype around Jaden Smith’s Karate Kid was growing. Everyone was talking about it, and I remember telling everyone, “Oh I could totally do that!” One day, my aunt, who lives in Houston, Texas, heard me and convinced my mom to let me stay with her for a summer to gain acting experience. After that, I gained a love for performing and have a deep-rooted passion for theatre and communication as a whole. 

Advice for incoming communication students?
Go to class! We hear this all the time, but it’s also easy to forget because college brings more freedom than high school. Classes bring so many different opportunities, connections, lessons, and relationships. Missing class can cause you to miss an opportunity to turn a corner in your time at MSU. 

Best advice you’ve received from a professor?
Dr. Carskadon once told me, “At the end of the day, you’re here to learn, but this university is about more than that. MSU is here to help grow you in all areas of life, but it’s up to you to take advantage of every opportunity here.”

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?
A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with apple jelly, smooth peanut butter, and crust on, a side of orange slices, and Milo’s lemonade.

Go to Karaoke song?
Dixieland Delight. Coming to MSU, my freshman year roommate told me that it was an unofficial fight song for MSU, so I had to learn it. I’m not the biggest country music fan, but that’s one country song that I know word for word and will randomly jam to in the car with the windows down.

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with that extra time?
Probably add another major! I am so passionate about so many things that I would love to get into a new subject. As for what that major would be, probably criminology. Everyone that I know in that field absolutely loves it, so I’d love to try it out.