Faculty Spotlight
Giles Lindley

by Zoie Henson, PR Student Intern

Giles LindleyGiles Lindley, a native of Jackson, Miss., is a professor in the Department of Communication’s communication and media studies concentration. Lindley is a graduate of MSU’s Department of Philosophy and Religion, and he received a Master of Divinity from Duke, an MA and PhD in Communication from the University of Southern Mississippi. An eight-year faculty member in the Department of Communication, Lindley is a well-loved professor, instructing interviewing, elements of persuasion, introduction to communication and interpersonal communication.

Lindley’s favorite part of being a professor in the department is interacting with the students, and he loves helping people communicate better, which he feels is the core purpose of the field of communication. Currently, he is keeping up with how COVID has affected the job interview process, from video interviews to the new rules about handshakes at face-to-face interviews.

Lindley was nominated by his student, Ryan Ingram, who said, “I have taken him for interviewing, and currently persuasion, and I think he is one of the best teachers. Other students can tell he enjoys teaching and that by itself makes his classes more interesting and enjoyable.”

Favorite memory in the Department of Communication?
The first time when, after a mock interview in class, a student came back after a real job interview and told me that the interviewer asked the same questions that I had asked.

Any funny stories from McComas?
The first few days of school each semester, I hang out in the hallways before class, and there are always students (and a few TAs and faculty from other departments) who are totally lost with McComas' weird arrangement.

Best advice for communication students?
When you get to your job or grad school interview day, your resume and GPA are what they are. One thing that you can control on that day is your level of enthusiasm.

If you didn’t work in communication, what could you see yourself doing?
I have served as a United Methodist pastor for 40 years (retiring from full-time appointment three years ago). On retirement, I moved from part-time to practically full-time (teaching three to five classes a semester) as needed. The only two things I ever wanted to be were a preacher and a college professor.

Favorite location you’ve traveled to? 
It is hard to pick between Turkey and Ghana. We love to travel, both sightseeing and visiting the family. As much as I enjoy the trips and will travel again when things get better, I am of a place in life that my favorite location is my own bed after a long trip

Favorite spot in Starkville?
The MSU campus, particularly the Drill Field. During the shut-down, I walked four miles every day and crossed the campus as much as possible. 

Do you have human or furry children?
Our daughters are both fourth generation MSU graduates with degrees in Biological Engineering. Charla also has a PhD from Arizona State and works with a company that helps translate neuroscience ideas into marketable research and medical products. Chelsea has a MD from Wake Forest and works as a Pediatric Hospitalist. With them come two sons-in-law and three grandchildren.