Student Spotlight
Nathan Dowling

By: Caitlin Doyle, PR student intern

Nathan Dowling Headshot

Nathan Dowling is a senior from Calhoun City, Miss., majoring in communication with a concentration in communication & media studies. Dowling is a member of the leadership, fellowship, and tech teams at the Wesley Foundation. He currently has an internship with Hail State Productions, which has given him the opportunity to work behind the scenes at many major sporting events. 

Why communication?
I choose communication because of the wide variety of opportunities provided within the major and the department. When I transferred to MSU, I had not yet declared a major and had no idea what I planned on doing as a career, but communication provided me a chance to explore my options while still trying to figure it out.

Favorite class so far?
It's hard to pick a favorite class because there are just too many good ones. Maybe Giles Lindley's Interviewing class or Amy Knight's Interpersonal Communication class.

Advice for incoming communication students?
Don't just go to class. Really learn from everything and everyone you can. Also, get to know your teachers. The faculty in this department are some of the best and they truly want to help you make the most of your time here at MSU as well as help you succeed after graduation.

Best advice you’ve received from a professor?
Don't spend so much time worrying about everything in the future. Just do the next right thing.

Favorite place on MSU’s campus?
The Wesley Foundation is my go-to place because it is always open to everyone, and the atmosphere is consistently warm and friendly. I can spend some time working on homework or just have a conversation with whoever else is there. 

Guilty pleasure show?
I don't really watch any shows, but if I had to pick one, I would probably have to say Penn & Teller Fool Us. As a magician myself, I enjoy watching other magicians perform routines and even if I can't guess how their tricks worked, I can still learn a little something from the ultimate magic duo.

Favorite Starkville restaurant?
Although I don't go out that often, I would have to say that my favorite restaurant is Oby's.

Davis Wade Stadium or Dudy Noble Field?
I think that the atmosphere at both places is unique, but I would have to say Davis Wade Stadium.

Do you drink coffee? If so, what is your coffee order?
I do not drink coffee. If I started drinking coffee, it would probably keep me grounded and help me in my daily grind when I tend to have a latte on my mind.