Student Spotlight
Rylee Jones

By: Caitlin Doyle, PR student intern

Rylee Jones

Rylee Jones is a junior from McKinney, Texas, majoring in communication with a concentration in public relations. She also is pursuing a minor in Spanish. Jones is the chaplain of Delta Delta Delta sorority, and she is a member of both the Public Relations Student Society of America and the Public Relations Association of Mississippi. Her dream job is to work at FOCUS, Fellowship of Catholic University Students, which is a Catholic apostolate that works in college outreach and ministry. Jones wants to be a campus missionary and then work in the PR department.

Why communication?
I chose communication because I have always loved people and have a knack for forming and maintaining relationships. I noticed that in group projects I wasn't necessarily the leader or the follower, but I was always the one making sure that we got along, and had a good group dynamic.

Favorite class so far?
Photographic Communication! You learn how to use a camera and take different styles of photos that will benefit you in the Communication field.

Advice for incoming communication students?
Honestly, don't be afraid to pursue your interests. I thought that since everyone else in PR wanted to work in event planning, or sports media, or a PR agency, that meant I had to do that too. I knew my heart was in ministry but I was a little embarrassed to say that out loud because that wasn't the typical answer. Your future career is yours and yours only, so do what you are passionate about!

Best advice you’ve received from a professor?
Do an internship. And then do another. And then do another. Internships help you a lot post-college, and the more the better!

Favorite place on MSU’s campus?
Walking down engineering row in the fall. The trees turn really pretty colors.

Guilty pleasure show?
Recently it has been The Bachelor (Colton's season, duh)!

Favorite Starkville restaurant?
Probably The Grill! I get the chicken piccata every time.

Davis Wade Stadium or Dudy Noble Field?
I love college football but I prefer Dudy Noble. The weather is always so nice!

Do you drink coffee? If so, what is your coffee order?
To say I drink coffee is an understatement. Coffee takes up a large portion of my thoughts. My coffee order is a honey oat latte with cinnamon and it is DIVINE.