Alumni Spotlight
Santana Brown Ware

by: Reagan Young, student PR Intern

Santana Brown WareSantana Brown Ware received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a concentration in Broadcasting and Public Relations from Mississippi State University in 2008. Ware received her Master of Public Policy and Administration in 2011 from MSU as well. 

A native of Starkville, Ware currently resides in DeSoto, Texas and recently started working as Program Coordinator for Clayton Youth Enrichment in Mesquite, Texas.

Ware’s daily responsibilities include teaching and molding the youth into successful students and citizens. 

“It is the opportunity to provide students a broad array of experiences, activities and services to build their development skills and complement the regular school day! Therefore, my overall goal is to oversee a productive after school program that offers SEL (social and emotional learning) and build strong relationship with the school campus,” said Ware. 

Ware shared that she has always had a love for helping and working with youth, which is what interested her in her current job. 

“This job definitely gives me the opportunity to be the change I want to see in the world,” said Ware. 

According to Ware, she feels that her degree prepared her for her career.  

“I honestly think my entire communication educational experience prepared me for my current and previous jobs. I definitely blossomed out of my shell and found my voice!” said Ware. 

When searching for a job, Ware encourages students to share their abilities in interviews.

“Make sure you demonstrate your skills and abilities. The purpose is to make the company gets YOU. ‘No one can discover you until you do. Exploit your talents, skills and strengths and make the world sit up and take notice,’ said Rob Liano. You only have one time to make a first impression so make it a lasting one,” said Ware. 

Favorite memory as a communication student?
Completing classwork and raising my oldest son, who was a baby at the time. I spent many days shooting footage and nights editing videos for my broadcasting classes with Karyn Brown. I think I got an award for most likely to edit a video and feed a baby, lol. It was a hard task, but I made it happen and Karyn always encouraged me along the journey.

Favorite communication class you took and why?
I have a few honestly but let me try to narrow it down. Definitely my class with the late, great Dr. Hank Flick, Interviewing. He is probably who really helped me build my interview skills and learn to take me to the interview, lol. He was such a vivid and compassionate instructor who knew how to captivate the entire class. Also, my Broadcast Practicum class with Karyn Brown because it was so realistic and felt like being at work. I think it taught my classmates and I how to work together and how to overcome stressful situations. I still think about how we had the best live show ever!

Most valuable lesson learned from the communication department?
Most definitely would be to use my voice. The department help me come out my shell and be the person I am today! I guess I learned to communicate and express myself, lol.

Any funny stories from your time in McComas?
It's definitely the theatre window mirrors, lol. I loved going inside the theatre area and watching people from the windows. They couldn't see inside but we could see them outside. People would do so many things because they didn't think anyone could see them. They would literally use the windows as mirrors, so checking teeth, picking noses, fixing clothes, you name it, lol.

Favorite communication professor and why?
This is so unfair... I have a few so I can't pick just one, lol. I have to honestly say my communication teachers and professors were so loving and caring. They honestly loved their students and it showed. I have kept in contact with many through social media which is awesome. 
1. Karyn Brown is definitely a jewel for me, she was so encouraging and an awesome teacher. She has continued to be a resource to and for me even after I graduated from MSU. 
2. The late, Dr. Hank Flick definitely, lol, he was so live and enthusiastic. He was firm but yet so gentle. Anybody who took his class loved him, he was a legendary teacher that encouraged every student he encountered. #RIP 
3. Kelli Anthony is another sweet and bubbly spirit, who was so patient and understanding. 
4. The late Lora Defore was another compassionate teacher who was very expressive and always willing to help outside of class.